Choosing the correct form Past Simple or Past Continuous?

a. I met/was meeting a friend while I did/was doing the shopping. b. I paid/was paying for my things when I heard/was hearing someone call my name. c. I turned/was turning round and saw/was seeing Paula. d. She wore/was wearing a bright red coat. e. We decided/were deciding to have a cup of coffee.

Questions for computer based test:

When I took the photo you ________ looking at me.

a) weren’t

b) wasn’t

c) didn’t

d) don’t

What __________ doing when you phoned him?

a) he was

b) was he

c) were he

d) is he

The two lovers __________ on a balcony when the party began.

a) are talking

b) were talking

c) was talking

d) have been talking

4. She bought a new dress ________ at the party.

a) for to wear

b) for wear

c) to wear

d) wear