Ex.13. a) Fill in the table with the information from the above text and the words from exercise 12

legal career Functions qualities required for the profession
an advocate
unbiased, decisive, wise, good at problem-solving
a prosecutor
an arbitrator
to settle disputes between legal entities
an in-house lawyer

b) What is your future legal career? What qualities do you need for your profession?

Ex.14 Use the expressions from exercise 16 “How to make a presentation” page …. (Unit 1 “Court system of the Russian Federation” and prepare a short presentation on the following topics:

1. The choice of places of work and occupation for a lawyer.

2. The duties of an advocate, a prosecutor, an arbitrator, an in-house lawyer, a judge, a notary.

3. Your choice of a legal career.

Section 2. Types of Legal Professions in Russia.

Ex. 15 Answer the following questions.

1) What types of legal profession in England do you know?

2) What types of legal profession are there in Russia?

Ex.16. Grammar focus. Tense revision.

Read about the daily routine of law students and define the tense of the verbs. Translate the sentences.

1) We attend seminars once a week.

2) We are writing our case analyses now.

3) Sometimes I think most of us will be exhausted.

4) I bought a book on the criminal code.

5) I have already written a paper on Criminal law.

6) My friend Andrew has not taken his notes.

7) Last year I attended court trials and increased my proficiency.

8) He had worked in London before he came to our city.

9) I will represent the interests of young people in court.

Ex. 17. Choose the correct form of the words in capital letters to fill in the text and you will find out more information about types of legal professions in Russia.

Types of Legal Professions in Russia. Lawyers in private practice in Russia work mostly within colleges of advocates – self-managed cooperative-type organizations. There are about nineteen thousand advocates in more than one hundred colleges. The highest body of advocates’ self-management is the general ... of a college. The presidium headed by the chairperson is the executive board of each college. The presidium is elected by the general meeting for a term of three years. MEET
Colleges of advocates are … in accordance with territorial subdivisions – in the cities, regions (oblasts), republics or autonomous entities. In its territory any college is represented by law firms or legal aid offices, which render all regular legal assistance to citizens: advocates counsel people, draft legal documents, represent plaintiffs or defendants in civil … , and provide defense in criminal proceedings. FORMATION LITIGANT
There are now more and more American-type law firms in Russia functioning separately from colleges of advocates and especially involved in … private businesses. REPRESENTATIVE
Many lawyers are … by the law offices of enterprises, ministries and agencies as an in-house counsel (a jurisconsult). These lawyers have all powers of an attorney, but they represent their single and permanent “client” – their respective … There are about twenty thousand of them in Russia, and in view of the economic reform this body is growing. EMPLOYMENT ORGANIZATION
Of course, many in the legal profession teach or do academic research work. In Russia, there are forty … of higher education in law (either a law school attached to a university or a separate entity called a “juridical institute”). New private law schools are popping up. There are also separate research centers in law, the most prominent of which is the Institute of State and Law under the Academy of … of Russia. INSTITUTE SCIENTIFIC

Ex. 18. Find in the text and translate all the derivatives from the words:

“to meet”, “to organize”, “to cooperate”, “to assist”, “to grow”, “to separate”, “to institute”, “to educate”, “to employ”, “to manage”, “to execute”, “to elect”.

Ex. 19.