Test 10 (A-B)

Replace the italicised word or expression with the one below that does not change the idea.

A) sections B) frequently C) balanced D) for last E) entertained F) straight

G) damp H) cute I) taut J) matters

If you want to see your boy-friend's hair as pretty (1) as Jon Bon Jovi's, take affairs (2) in your own hands - give him the haircut yourself. First, seat him in a comfortable chair and pop a tape into the VCR to keep him amused (3). Make sure he sits up without a bend (4). Start with a good look at his hair when it's dry to see how much you need to cut. Use scissors that have only been used for cutting hair to assure sharpness and clean lines. His hair should be washed and made slightly wet (5), combed and parted like usual. Cut the sides first, stopping often (6) for a head-on look to make sure they're equal (7). Holding hair tense (8) helps keep things even. Save bangs to do after all (9). Trim little parts (10) at a time. And keep in mind that this is only a trim.

Test 11 (A-B)

Use the word given in brackets to form a word that fits.

Since ancient times, people have practised the art of physiognomy, 1 (read) character from physical features. The ancient Greeks compared the human face to 2 (vary) animals and birds, such as the eagle and the horse. They believed people shared certain character traits with the animals they resembled. A person with a horse-like face was thought to be loyal, brave and stern. A person with an eagle-like nose was believed to be bold and 3 (courage). Physiognomists study such features as the shape of the head, the 4 (long) and 5 (thick) of the nose, mouth, eyes and chin. They believe that round-faced people are 6 (self-confidence). Prominent cheekbones show 7 (strong) of character while a pointed nose reveals 8 (curious). Heavy, arched eyebrows belong to a 9 (decide) individual while thin, arched eyebrows signal a 10 (no rest) and active personality. Almond shaped eyes reveal an 11 (artist) nature. Round, soft eyes belong to 12 (dream). Downturned lips reveal a 13 (pride) character while a long, pointed chin indicates someone who likes to give orders.